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There is a moment in every man’s life when he has to face the truth. Accept some facts. Time is rushing relentlessly. Cruel second hand! None of us will be younger, more beautiful, stronger. Forty are fast approaching. What am i going to Midlife crisis – in a sense, yes. Immersed in a reality filled with expensive gadgets, are we trying to mask impotence – talk or hide? That is the question! If you are single, there is a chance that you can hide the problem of erectile dysfunction – because who would you explain to whom? In front of my mother? Your parent is well aware that your sex life does not exist! What about when a long-legged sexy blonde appears on the road? What will you tell her? Headache, low blood pressure, worse day at work – there are many translations and only one is true. You are impotent. You have two options to choose from: sweep the problem under the rug, pretend that nothing happens face the disease, take medical treatment It depends only on you which one you choose. Impotence – why is it worth taking treatment? Sex has no expiration date – it is an integral part of life. Without him we would not be. Your erotic biography begins in childhood – do you know what this means? We have been receiving signals from the earliest years regarding nudity, intimacy, shame and pleasure. All of them shape our personality without exception. They contribute to the fact that we are more open or secretive. The fair sex claims that in her childhood she was fed with phrases like: watch out for boys – they only mean one thing. No wonder some women avoid sex. What can I write ?! I think that’s all: they don’t know what they are missing. Sex is one of the greatest pleasures in life. No doubt beats all other pleasures. If we share a bed with a person whom we have affection and trust, our experiences are unforgettable! You want more and more. You want to make love as often as possible. The problem arises when you feel like you can’t transfer it to practice. Your penis doesn’t allow you – it protests at every possible opportunity, robbing you of your confidence. Impotence has a major impact on our daily lives. It makes us feel worthless – defective. We look for consolation in alcohol, which only aggravates the problem. The tension is reaching its zenith. Arguing and mischief arise. How to help yourself Honest conversation, effective treatment – thanks to them you will be able to stop this farce. Impotence treatment, impotence medications There are many methods of treating impotence, although the most popular is the sacred four: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Kamagra. Much has been said about the blue tablet, and what about the teams? Today I would like to look at Cialis tablets. If you are looking for detailed information about them, this entry is for you! Cialis This is one of the most commonly prescribed potency drugs (right after Viagra). What is its phenomenon? It is thanks to the composition. Tadalafil – the base substance of the preparation. It is her Cialis that owes its effectiveness. How it works? Is she safe? What makes it different from sildenafil? Can anyone use it? Everything will be clear soon! Tadalafil – short characteristics As you know, the basic substance of the drug is tadalafil – an organic chemical compound belonging to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, which, due to sexual stimulation, allows you to recover the disturbed mechanism of erection. How it works? Increases blood flow to the penis, increases the level of nitric oxide in the body, leads to relaxation of smooth muscles. That’s not all. Tadalafil prevents the transformation of testosterone into harmful dehydrotestosterone, which contributes to erectile dysfunction or excessive hair loss. Who will it look good at? Cialis is a drug dedicated to men struggling with erectile dysfunction. It can be used by gentlemen who have reached the age of majority long ago and what is important – they are healthy! They don’t suffer from heart disease Have not experienced a heart attack (last 3 months) They do not struggle with hypertension, renal failure Cialis pharmacy This is an oral medicine that is sold as easy-to-swallow tablets. One blister contains two pieces – at first glance it may seem like not much. It’s just an illusion – Cialis works four times longer than Viagra! The effect lasts for 36 hours after taking the tablet, which is a real phenomenon among potency funds! It’s really hard to match him! I won’t be surprised if he gets honors after some time. Cialis price Cialis is more expensive than Viagra is a fact – the difference is considerable. You will pay PLN 100 less for a blue tablet. Remember, however, that it works shorter than tadalafil! Cialis dosage The drug should not be used more often than once a day. Bah! Up to twice a week! A higher frequency requires specialist medical consultation! The tablet should be reached 30 minutes before sex. If you want your partner not to know what “squeaks in the grass” take care of the right mood. A long foreplay, a romantic dinner – by the way! Why am I writing all this ?! You know what you should do! Cialis reviews, Cialis forum Long-term action is not the only advantage of tablets. Another is their effectiveness – by deciding to buy them, you are guaranteed to regain an erection. Thanks to it you will start enjoying sex again. Have you found the perfect medicine? Unfortunately – Cialis is not without its flaws.

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Cialis: composition and action of the tablet What is Cialis? It is a new generation impotence drug, so it is intended for those who do not work Viagra, is too weak or causes side effects. The active substance in Tadalafil is an organic chemical compound that belongs to the group of inhibitors, i.e. substances that slow down or stop certain side effects, in this case those that block erection. With sexual stimulation, Tadalafil helps the vasodilator to dilate, which allows blood to flow and thereby expand and swell the cavernous bodies. Exercises and other treatments Treating the cause of erectile dysfunction will bring long-term results, while medication will only provide temporary relief. In addition, some people find the drugs ineffective. Sometimes psychological factors are responsible for erectile dysfunction. In such cases, a person may benefit from forms of spoken therapy. What types of exercises can help? Exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles can benefit people with erectile dysfunction. Pelvic floor muscles are critical to maintaining blood flow to the penis and maintaining an erection. Muscles do this by putting pressure on the veins of the penis. The pressure prevents blood from entering the area, allowing an erection. Kegel exercises to try Exercise can treat some causes of erectile dysfunction. Pelvic floor exercises or Kegels are most beneficial for ED. These exercises are directed at the muscles in the lower pelvis, especially the pubic muscle. It loops from the pubic bone to the coccyx and supports the pelvic organs. Cialis. For what is necessary, how to receive In addition to treating impotence, Cialis has also found application in the treatment of enlarged prostate symptoms. How does Cialis work? The action of Cialis is not fundamentally different from the effects of taking other potency tablets. The active compound contained in the drug called Tadalafil under the influence of sexual stimulation leads to an increase in the concentration of nitric oxide, which in turn causes an increase in the concentration of cGMP in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Smooth muscle relaxation and blood flow to the penis causes an erection. When the stimulus for the natural enzyme PDE-5 disappears, it becomes active again and cGMP breaks down into an inactive compound. The principle of action of Tedalafil is therefore primarily to slow down the erectile suppression effect of PDE-5. Who can take Cialis? Cialis potency tablets can only be taken by adult men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Due to the mild effect of the drug on the body, it can be taken in smaller daily doses, especially by men who want to enjoy successful intercourse more than twice a week. Who should not take Cialis tablets? Because Cialis impotence medicine does not remain indifferent to the body, so they should not take it: men before coming of age men for whom sexual activity is not indicated due to cardiac disorders men after stroke and suffering from cardiovascular insufficiency men with low blood pressure In addition, the drug should not be taken if there is a risk of an allergic reaction to any of the components of the drug. If you have any worrying symptoms, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately. When this muscle weakens, it is unable to prevent blood from erecting the penis. Performing pelvic floor exercises will strengthen and improve pubic tone. It may take 4-6 weeks for a person to notice a difference in erection. Who is this medicine for? This is not a medicine for ladies. Many men suffer from erection problems due to nervous, stress, anxiety or hormonal problems. They seem mentally stimulated, but this is not compatible with the reaction of stimulation of the reproductive organs. Also, taking some substances, including alcohol, can block healthy physical responses associated with sexual stimulation. While in the first case, Cialis is highly recommended, combining it with other substances is risky, so it is not treated with impotence caused by alcohol or intoxicants. Where to buy Cialis 20mg without a prescription online? Cialis is not a prescription drug, but not every pharmacy has it in its assortment, so it’s worth looking at the websites that offer it. One of such online pharmacies is the proven and reliable store. As mentioned, Cialis does not require a doctor’s prescription and can be bought without a problem, but without consulting a doctor or at least with a pharmacist, it is taken at your own risk. Especially for those who have heart or liver problems, a specialist’s opinion is necessary. Also, taking other medications or any allergies to tadalafil or other ingredients may cause side effects such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, pressure surges and bloodshot eyes. Price of Cialis tablet in an online pharmacy One blister of 2 tablets costs up to PLN 66.00. When buying 40 tablets, the price drops to PLN 20 for one tablet. In turn, buying Cialis 5 mg, 28 pieces, you will pay around 470 zlotys. It is clear that regardless of the dose, the price decreases with the quantity, so it is the cheapest to order wholesale quantities. Shipping is cheap, regardless of whether you order from Warsaw or Zamość. It is better to buy one test blister the first time, and then, if you like the medicine, buy more and always carry one tablet in case of romance. It’s a proven method, like a condom in your wallet. The discreet pill will not only help in stimulating and maintaining an erection, but also add self-confidence, which is so important in human erotic life. Opinions about Cialis on the Internet are overwhelmingly very positive. In one of the rankings of preparations for potency for men, he was in fifth place, among others Power Manie and Viagra. Cialis is an alternative to Viagra, especially recommended for allergies or intolerance to Sildenafil – its main component or when the body shows exceptional resistance to this component. Cialis – dosage Cialis is found in lower doses than viagra, usually in the form of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg tablets. While viagra has doses from 25 mg to 100 mg. It is also smaller than viagra, so it will appeal to people who do not like swallowing large tablets. Many people have expressed opinions on many forums that it is a stronger drug and even half the smallest dose of 5 mg gave noticeable results. The manufacturer reserves that raising the amount of medicine taken above the maximum dose (20 mg) will not strengthen the effect of the drug, and the appearance of nausea or headache will become more likely. Summary of activities and opinions Cialis as a replacement for Viagra works great. It is harmless, easy to swallow and has a large group of satisfied users. However, it should be borne in mind that it is only an adjunct and does not guarantee the appearance of an erection. Mood, relaxation and stimulation are important. Numerous reviews on the Internet indicate that the effect of the drug is weaker when alcohol is consumed. It may be the same after eating a fatty, hearty meal, although the leaflet indicates that this should not affect the way the medicine works. Either way, this is not a miracle pill, but only ad hoc help for natural physiological processes that for some reason do not fulfill a given function. Each time you take it, you should carefully monitor your body and how it reacted to the drug, as well as work on the right atmosphere and stimuli that will allow nature to perform miracles with the help of this small pill.

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In adult men, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age. One may be tempted to state that this ailment, along with diabetes and allergies, is one of the diseases of civilization. Stress, rush, ubiquitous chemistry and the widespread use of plastics and electromagnetic radiation (e.g. wifi) have a huge impact on male potency, testosterone levels and the quality of male sperm. Until the 1990s, the only methods known to men to deal with bed disability were limited to baths, showers, herbs or compresses. In addition to natural diets with the use of ginseng, garlic, beets, watermelon or pomegranate, according to our grandmothers and grandparents, physical activity, as well as appropriate exercises or massage, which we can do alone or with the help of a partner (partner) could help. Tadalafil tablets without a prescription for potency The effectiveness of the above-mentioned methods left much to be desired and practically everyone had a different opinion on a given specificity. And above all, nobody wanted to share details of their bedroom ailments. The 1990s changed a lot in this matter. Viagra appeared on the market, and a moment later a number of its substitutes, derivatives and substances with similar effects. Including Tadalafil. Tadalafil is a medicinal product intended for adults with erectile dysfunction. It is a non-refundable drug and is usually issued on presentation of a valid prescription from a doctor. There are also over-the-counter remedies containing Tadalafil on the internet, e.g. Cialis. The drug effectively improves erection, activating blood flow in the genital area. How long does it work? An oral dose of Tadalafil is quickly absorbed by the body and begins to work within 15-30 minutes. Accumulation of drug activity falls within the second hour of ingestion. The duration of the substance in the body is estimated to be 36 hours. It excretes and digests easily and, importantly, does not affect the quality or composition of male sperm. However, you must follow the doses prescribed by your doctor or on the packaging. In case of overdose, contact your doctor immediately or go to emergency room, as side effects may occur. Tadalafil: price at the online pharmacy of your choice For 4 20 mg film-coated tablets in a selected pharmacy www, the payment will be PLN 26.49. This is an average resultant of prices that are in the range of PLN 6.7 per pill. For larger quantities, you can count on discounts and free shipping. You can save a lot when you go on forums and price comparison websites. The pharmacy where this medicine can be found the cheapest is Composition, form and dosage of Tadalafil Tadalafil tablets. They are in the form of light orange almond-shaped pills, marked “C 2 1⁄2” on one side. Each tablet contains 2.5 (e.g. CIALIS 2.5 mg film-coated tablets) to 40 mg (there are still 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg) of Tadalafil depending on the manufacturer, brand and dose. Derivative or complementary substances also differ. Before taking it, make sure that there is no allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Usually a dose of 10 mg is assigned or suggested up to half an hour before intercourse. A dose increase to 20 mg is recommended for patients in whom the medicine appears to be ineffective. This is the highest dose possible. The drug can be taken once a day. Lower doses are prescribed for patients intolerant to any of the ingredients or Tadalafil alone. Men who have problems achieving and maintaining an erection feel very uncomfortable. This is a sensitive and embarrassing topic for them. It is a problem that prevents and hinders their sexual intercourse. They lose confidence. Their mood and mood are disturbed. There is a cure that can help them solve this embarrassing problem. This medicine is Cialis. This is a prescription-only medicine. It is intended for mature men who have difficulty getting an erection. It is a drug that significantly improves the quality of a man’s intimate life. Thanks to him, men can reap pleasure and pleasure from sexual activity. The active substance, which is a component of the drug and is responsible for its effective action is tadalafil. It is a substance that restores the disturbed erection mechanism. It is an ingredient thanks to which free flow of blood to the penis is possible, and thus achieving long-lasting erection. Are there side effects? The unpleasant effects that Tadalafil can cause include: headache and indigestion (very common) dizziness, flushing, nasal congestion, back pain, muscle pain (common) too long and painful erection, so-called priapism (very rare) If you have a sick heart or are taking medicines containing nitrates, tell your doctor before you start taking the medicine. Tadalafil 20mg: where to buy online Cialis and some medicines containing Tadalafil are also sold over the counter. In this respect, it is recommended to use only proven internet stores. Unjustified or irresponsible use may end not only with a visit to the doctor, but also in the hospital. Conclusion: take care of yourself. If natural methods do not work, and someone cares about full sexual performance, you may be tempted to try something from the pharmacy. There is a large selection, but numerous reviews on many forums confirm that Tadalafil is one of the most reasonable. summarizing Tadalafil will not help someone who has no erectile dysfunction. It will not increase libido or improve sexual energy, and may aggravate your frustration. Erection itself is a combination of physical and mental stimuli, so you should carefully examine all possible causes and eventualities to find out if you may need to visit a sexologist (if the impotence is psychological) or a urologist (if physiological). On the one hand, a thorough analysis of the test results and quite complicated erectile physiology will allow you to choose the right medicine and possible changes in your living or eating habits. On the other hand, a conversation with an expert who has heard many things and knows a lot about things will help overcome the anxiety and fear of having sex that results from past and insurmountable traumas.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a female libido enhancer. It is given as a one-time injection and is intended for pre-menopausal women. There are women who, for unknown reasons, have a reduced level of sex drive and could certainly benefit from safe pharmacological treatment, ”said Hylton Joffe of the FDA’s department for medicinal products in the areas of bone, reproduction and urology. The manufacturer of the drug is AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc. Julie Krop, who represents her, recommends using it about 45 minutes before the expected approximation. He explains that it is a synthetic hormone that activates relevant receptors in the brain and enhances neuronal activity. This is not about a low state of desire, but about how it affects the quality of life and relationships of patients – says Krop – These women really suffer. The FDA, announcing its decision, drew attention to the fact that it is not entirely clear how Vyleesi affects the brain to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the office advises using it a maximum of once a day or eight times a month. Doubts also exist around the very idea of ​​treating libido problems with pharmaceuticals. The roots of the problem can be psychological, physiological or external, including stress. According to statistics in the US, about 1 in 10 women have problems with libido. Critics of the drug point out that most physicians who debated the definition of libido dysfunction during a specialized FDA panel were consultants or associates of Sprout Pharmaceuticals. It is a drug manufacturer that in 2015 created the first libido medicine for women – Addyi also known as flibanserin. There are also voices warning that Vyleesi is being introduced too early and the research used to approve it is carelessly prepared. National Women’s Health Network Director Cynthia Pearson said her organization is disappointed with the FDA approval of the drug because “women don’t have enough information to make an informed decision about whether the drug will be effective and safe for them.” Earlier this year, Sprout launched a campaign in the US with the slogan that women “have the right to desire.” “Why aren’t we talking about this?” Was the question in the campaign. The action was met with a protest from organizations dealing with women’s reproductive rights. They argue that you cannot use the language of civil rights to boost sales results. Addyi is a pill for everyday use. Its side effects include dizziness and lowering of blood pressure when mixed with alcohol. In May this year, the FDA softened its tone against the drug. He advises not to mix it with the consumption of high-pitched drinks, but no longer urges you to completely reject such a combination. The effectiveness of Vyleesi was studied for 24 weeks, a randomized double-blind trial with placebo control was carried out on approximately 1,200 pre-menopausal women with libido problems. Most patients used the medicine three times a month, not more often than once a week. An increase in desire was recorded in 25% of women taking the drug. For comparison, placebo was effective in 17% of respondents. About 35% of respondents reported a decrease in one or more stressors, in the case of placebo it was about 31%. Side effects noted include headaches and indigestion. The initial market value for such a drug is not estimated to be very high, however, by 2030, according to Barclays, it may sell a value worth even about 150 million dollars.

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Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem found among millions of men around the world. A lifestyle cultivated by most of humanity means that civilization diseases such as low potential are more and more often encountered. Many men and their partners do not have professional knowledge on how to fight this ailment and where it comes from. We have prepared today’s article especially for them. We present in it a number of the most important information that will be useful to all men who want to forget about erectile dysfunction as soon as possible. We invite you to read carefully! Erectile Dysfunction – Where Do They Come From? What to do to eliminate them? This information will help you! Every year, the problem with erection affects an increasing number of men in different parts of the world. Publicly available estimates say about 150 million men struggling with this condition. In Poland, this phenomenon affects about 3.5 million men. These are simply alarming statistics that show that erectile dysfunction should be tackled as early as possible. What are the most important causes of erectile dysfunction? All experts emphasize that the most important factor contributing to erectile dysfunction is an incorrect diet. If a man’s daily menu consists only of products rich in huge amounts of sugar, salt and fat, then it is not surprising that after some time there will be problems with erection. All sexologists emphasize that another equally important factor affecting the high risk of erection problems is stressful lifestyle, insufficient physical activity, taking stimulants and some diseases such as ischemic heart disease or hypertension. So what needs to be done to avoid low potency problems in the future? The most important is changing your lifestyle. You should include as many vegetables and fruits as possible and abandon fast food in your daily diet. More traffic and stress avoidance will also be useful. But how should those gentlemen who have been struggling with low potency for some time, and the change in lifestyle did not help them much? They don’t have to worry because there is one, extremely simple and safe solution. Of course, these are special potency tablets containing the active ingredient sildenafil 100 mg. Such tablets, the first in the whole world, is cialis. In the rest of the article, we describe the most important advantages of cialis tablets. cialis what it is cialis what is this? The simplest answer to the above question is: these are extremely effective potency pills for all men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. Real cialis with sildenafil can work wonders. cialis 100 mg appeared on the market in 1998 and has enjoyed unflagging popularity ever since. cialis leaflet What information can be found in the cialis leaflet? There is all the information that is relevant to any man who would like to forget about his problems with erectile dysfunction once and for all. There we will learn about the correct rules for taking this drug and possible side effects. Reading the cialis leaflet is a must for any man starting therapy for erectile dysfunction. Viagra Composition Viagra composition is based on an innovative recipe. The basic active ingredient of real Viagra is, of course, sildenafil 100 mg. Sildenafil 100 mg causes the blood vessels in the male body to expand very quickly. Blood reaches the penis in significant amounts, so you can have a fully satisfying sexual intercourse.   How does Viagra work? Viagra action How does Viagra work? Viagra action is fast and effective. After swallowing the Viagra tablet, the first effects can be seen after a few minutes. This medicine works for up to about 4 hours. During this period it is possible to engage in fully satisfying sexual relations. Viagra dosage should of course be determined with your doctor or pharmacist. Viagra reviews Does Viagra have good reviews? Viagra reviews are really very positive! All men praise the remarkable effectiveness of this drug in fighting erectile dysfunction. Don’t delay – buy Viagra today and regain your full sexual function now. Viagra without a prescription Can I buy Viagra without a prescription? Unfortunately not. Viagra cannot be obtained without a prescription. To buy it, you must first show a prescription from a doctor. Viagra where to buy – Viagra pharmacy Viagra where to buy? For Viagra, the pharmacy is one of the many places where you can buy this medicine. We are talking here not only about classic stationary pharmacies, but also online pharmacies. During your visit to the pharmacy, you can also ask if Viagra has replacements in its offer.

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Sildenafil is a substance that gives many men a chance to have intercourse. It is an ingredient among others popular Viagra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, blue pills will only work if a man is sexually stimulated. Find out who can use it and what the symptoms of overdose are. Sildenafil is a substance that belongs to phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. So it is an enzyme that appears in the cavernous bodies of the penis and the pulmonary circulation. Many people think that male erection is a simple process. However, to make it happen, you need the right amount of blood to fill your penis. If this amount is not enough, erection does not occur. In this situation, sildenafil will help, which can be found, for example, in Viagra. How does sildenafil work? Erectile dysfunction is an increasingly common problem and it is not just about older men. Viagra solves it in some men. Thanks to the content of sildenafil, it causes the blood vessels to relax, which makes it possible to increase blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the member. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve and maintain an erection long enough for intercourse to occur. After taking a tablet containing sildenafil, the effects may appear within the first hour of taking. However, the only condition is that there is any sexual arousal. If the man is not excited, sildenafil will not work. When will sildenafil not work? Unfortunately, sildenafil in Viagra does not work in every case. It should be emphasized that the substance will help only in situations where erection problems in a man have a psychological or neurological background. Therefore, sildenafil will not be able to help people who have problems with erection due to low blood pressure or loss of cavernous bodies in the penis. Can sildenafil be overdosed? Sildenafil can not be taken for a long time. Over time, a man’s body can get used to the high level of substances on which the level of sildenafil affects. Viagra then stops working, and if a man wants to maintain the effects after taking it, he must constantly increase the dose. This situation, in turn, threatens to overdose, which leads to secondary impotence. ADVERTISEMENT At first, symptoms of sildenafil overdose seem favorable. The duration of erection begins to extend to about 6 hours (so-called priapism), it is usually painful and does not result from sexual arousal. This erection, however, does not disappear despite having several intercourses in a row. Visual disturbance is another symptom of sildenafil overdose. They rely on the fact that a man sees everything in blue, and sometimes blindness appears for several hours. This symptom is due to the fact that people using Viagra block the enzyme involved in the process of transmitting nerve impulses from the eye to the brain. Statistics show that 38 cases of blindness due to taking sildenafil as Viagra have been registered in the US. Sildenafil side effects do not always require discontinuation of Viagra. Side effects of its use include headaches, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, etc. How to replace sildenafil? The original sildenafil has been on the market since 1998. Today you can get other preparations with similar effects. In addition to prescription drugs, you can also get various herbal preparations at pharmacies to help men with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction. You can buy a lot of different products online. These are preparations in tablets, gel or powder. Unfortunately, you can find not only sildenafil in their composition. Therefore, when using such preparations, one must take into account the risk of various side effects, such as headaches, spine pains, or rashes difficult to treat. Before use, read the leaflet, which contains indications, contraindications, data on side effects and dosage, as well as information on the use of the medicinal product, or consult a doctor or pharmacist, because any drug used improperly threatens your life or health.